Guest Posting Guidelines in Rojgar Sangam

by | Jun 20, 2021

Guest Posting Guidelines in Rojgar Sangam

Guest Posting Guidelines in Rojgar Sangam: Hello and thank you for your interest in the blog! We welcome and publish guest posts regularly because they allow us to provide a wide variety of topics and expert insights to our readers. Although we receive a large number of requests, you can expect a very fast response from us if you read and follow these guidelines!

Guest Posting Guidelines in Hindi

About Blog

If you haven’t followed our blog, don’t worry! But knowing more about it will help you come up with a more effective cast or first draft. Here are some basics to get acquainted with.

Our Audience

Rojgar Sangam Blog is an official blog for advertisers, agencies, professional marketers, local businesses, online education content for students, newbies, anyone looking to improve or learn digital marketing, and more articles

Rojgar Sangam Blog Content blog publishes a variety of high-quality content related to online education material, digital marketing, and technology. Here are some of the types of content we’re particularly interested in from guest contributors:

  • Education | Technology | Application | Government Scheme | Language | Tutorials | How To | other Education Material

Important Point:

Once we’ve agreed on a topic and you’ve got permission to start writing, keep these tips in mind:

• Overall word length: 1000-2500

• Blog does not accept previously published, sponsored or highly promotional material.

• Rojgar Sangam accepts only those posts which are timely, accurate, original and friendly to our audience.

• Content must be brand new Content copy score must be above 80%

• Must have at least SEO keywords

• Content should be SEO title

• Content should be SEO description

• Must be 100% copyright free image

• Content articles must have H1, H2, H3, title tags

• Include [guest posting] in your subject line. It seriously helps!

• Give your details at the end. Feel free to include who you are, what you do, and email id/links to your business website, LinkedIn profile, or social media handles.

• Rojgar Sangam link. We’ll add more internal links when we’re editing the post, but the 3 links you add to the post would be great.

  • Note that if there is even a single broken link, all links will be removed from the content.

Guest Posting Guidelines Site Search

With ideas we love it when you come to us with topic ideas or ideally a title.

Check to see if we have already published your topic. If we have already published a similar post, consider if you can write something new,

Or look at it from a new angle or different point of view. The best way to see if we’ve covered your topic is to search the site on Google:

This search operator is your best friend. Do not include parentheses in your actual search. [type title]

How do we send guest posts

Once you have emailed your article, response times will vary based on the current content calendar, but we do our best to respond within 1-2 weeks. If you haven’t received a response after 2 weeks, please follow up!

Once we’ve accepted your article and reviewed it, we’ll let you know if we’ll consider a draft. If the draft meets our quality standards, you can expect the following:

Blog promotion. We regularly promote our content on the blog. If you are guest posting for Rojgar Sangam blog, we will ask for your blog information to tag you in our promotion so that you can share with your network as well. Ready to do guest posting?

Email the guest posting to [email protected] and please prepare your subject line with [guest posting]. Thank you!

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